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Your client, everywhere

MUDBrowser is a web-based MUD client. MUDBrowser makes your client available wherever you are by being accessible from any computer. A special server-side program routes your traffic to the MUD server directly, so you can play even if your set up has blocked ports.


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Play all the time. Bring your settings along with you to your friends house. Never miss a quest!

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By keeping all your settings and game information in one accessible place you can feel free to travel without losing touch.

A group of three people.


If you know how to use a web browser you can start playing a game. Games have short and easy to remember URLs.


A silver pistol with a highlighted trigger

Triggers, Aliases, and Macros

Create text triggers, input aliases, and keyboard macros, just like your desktop client.

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Save Settings

Any aliases, triggers or macros you define will be saved and available to you on whatever computer you log in from.

four brightly colored letters on a dark background

ANSI Color

Foreground and background ANSI color escapes make your MUD look just how you want it to.

MUDBrowser pricing
$50/year or $5/month
30 Day Free Trial
You Pay Nothing Unless You Are 100% Satisfied.

  • Play from any location.
  • Connect to unlimited MUDs.
  • Make unlimited triggers, aliases, and macros.